The Christian rock group “The Voice of the Desert” releases their sixth album [Rome Reports]

The pop-rock group “La Voz del Desierto”, “The Voice of the Desert”, has just released its sixth album. In 2003, when the group was born as mere entertainment for the youth pastoral delegation, none of them could have imagined that their music would travel the world and transmit the message of Jesus.

Priest and guitarist of “La Voz del Desierto”

“We gathered all the young people from the diocese and had a time of prayer, the Eucharist, and then had a small party at the end. Then I finished that diocesan meeting with some songs and a little party, but with religious songs.
At the end of that meeting, the people were so happy, and parishes and centers began to call us even today.”

The rock music of “The Voice of the Desert” sounds like today’s hits, and is similar to what is played on the radio. However, there is one thing that sets them apart from the rest: their mission of evangelizing through lyrics and musical notes.

Layman and guitarist of “La Voz del Desierto”
“What do we want to announce? Jesus Christ, who is the best part of our life, to know Jesus Christ, and to be able to bring him to others. Not only with our music, but simply as Christians, each carrying out our vocations that are within us.”

Layman and singer of the “La Voz del Desierto”
“It is not that we are a revelation group because we want to be a revelation group, but ultimately because the one who makes the journey is Jesus Christ. And I believe that it is He who has made this group throughout these fourteen years, to have a name within the Spanish market, and now also in the United States.”

Thus, to launch their latest album, “Tu rostro buscaré”, “Your Face I Will Search”, they have prepared a 13 day tour along the East Coast of the United States. It is an opportunity to open up to even larger markets. Already, they have thousands of followers from Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and others, on their YouTube channel.

Layman and keyboardist of “La Voz del Desierto”
“It’s another step, both creative and technical”. (…) “It has a variety with the rest of our works of various styles both in music and letters, and are references to biblical texts or references to personal experiences. The US tour will start in New York on July 14 of this year. We have two concerts: one on the Hudson River on a boat, and then on Miracle Sunday, we have a concert in the Bronx. Then we start on the East Coast. North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas.”

The disc will be available from March 31, both digitally and physically in stores throughout Spain. It will be a further step in their evangelizing mission, with which they will also demonstrate that Christians know about rock. [Rome Reports]



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